What is an Aeropress?

The AeroPress is a piston-style brewer that forces coffee through a filter paper directly into a cup. AeroPress coffee has a clean taste with clearly defined flavor notes thanks to the paper filter that stops any oil and sediment from getting in the cup.

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The AeroPress is the brainchild of Alan Adler, an inventor, engineer, professor, and coffee lover like us. He also invented the Aerobie, a flying disc that holds the Guinness World Record for the "longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature." which is 1,333 feet. 

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Many coffee enthusiasts love the Aeropress because of its versatility. This is probably the only brewer that can be used in many ways, which makes brewing coffee fun especially if you love experimenting and exploring different ways to enjoy coffee. 

We personally use AeroPress when doing some espresso-based drinks at home like iced latte, and a usual hot brewed coffee if we're being lazy for pour-overs.  
The AeroPress also has a high margin for error, which makes brewing coffee very forgiving especially for beginners. This generally makes it hard to mess up your coffee, which makes beginners gain enough confidence and enjoy the process of brewing. This brewer is also very easy to clean, portable and lightweight. This makes it possible for travelers to brew coffee anywhere they go since you can bring this sturdy but lightweight brewer anywhere.

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We thought you'd never ask. We still have a few remaining stocks left. You can send us a message for orders. Our AeroPress comes with a free 100g single origin coffee of your choice for you to be able to experiment and explore the versatility of this brewer. 
Explore. Experiment. And most importantly, have fun.

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