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Did you know? The Philippines is one of the few countries that produce the four most popular and viable species of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica.

A big thanks to all of our local farmers for producing high quality coffee for everyjuan. Let us continue to support our local farmers towards quality Philippine coffee.

Good Beans PH showcase and offer these 4 coffee species. It is a one-stop shop for different coffee origins in the country grown and harvested from the mountains of the Cordilleras in the north down to the foot of Mt. Apo in the south.



Our vision is to be the best and known brand for our dedication to the pursuit of excellence of Philippine Coffee and quality of service.



We aim to make our clients "explore the Philippines through coffee" by offering them quality coffee sourced from different parts of the country.


About Us

We started Good Beans in 2019 because we wanted to bring the highlands coffee from the Cordillera region to NCR and raise awareness about the underrated Philippine coffee. 

We started with the Classic Series, with a goal to convert instant coffee and 3-in-1 coffee drinkers into coffee brewers. Trying to learn more about Philippine coffee to serve our clients better eventually led us to the discovery of the world of single origin and specialty coffee. It gave birth to our Single Origin Series, which is 100% directly sourced from our partner farmers from different parts of the country.

Today, we are offering different variants of Philippine coffee from Premium to Specialty even Fine Robusta. We believe that, given the huge demand for coffee in our country, many farmers will be encouraged to produce their quality coffee and this coffee will be offered to all coffee enthusiasts around the world. Together, let's make Philippine Coffee known to the world.


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3651 Davila St.,

La Paz, Makati City, 1204